Zürich Titans BC - Rüti Basket 47:42
(8:18; 8:5; 17:9; 14:10)

The match could no influence the final table - Titans already had guaranteed first place, whereas could not go higher than the fifth place.

Only six player arrived from Rüti to face Titans. Rimgaudas opened the game with a two-pointer, but then the game was controlled by Rüti, who had a 12-0 run. Rüti was playing perfect as a team, with every player making contribution in a offense.

For the second quarter Titans make substitution of all five players and with fresh power started pressuring Rüti. Titans allowed only 5 points, but the offense was not calibrated, and if not the threepointer by Roque, it would be the same point differential.

Only after the halftime break the Titans started to show who are the leader this season. Lucien and Rimgaudas  together ripped apart well functioning zone defense of Rüti  and for the first time since first game minute, Titans went in front by one fragile front.

Since the season was already decided, Titans had one small objective - to be the best defensive team in the division. To reach that, we have to allow not more than 42 points in the last match. This was achieved with precision - Titans won sixth time in a row against Rüti basket and claimed to be both the best offensive and the defensive team in the H4LZ division.

Now all eyes are on the playoff games. 15th and 23th of April we will be playing Boniswil Basket team. The winner will advance to the third ProBasket division. Thus a call to all Titans friends and supporters - come and support us. The match dates will be announced on our Facebook page.

Titans: R. Damčikas 15, Michel 10, Shimamoto 6, Schmied 4, Caballero 3, Demiri 3, Stamou 2, Brucal 2, Schönecker 2, Krasauskas
Rüti: Ferrari 13, Tschannen 10, Quereshi 7, Gollmer 5, Barnes 5, Freuler 2

Zürich Titans BC - Greifensee Basket 59:37
(17:10; 17:5; 9:12; 16:10)

Titans: Shimamoto 17, Bayuelo 12, Michel 7, Schmied 7, Kyriakidis 6, Stamou 4, Schönecker 4, Brucal 2, Terriente
Greifensee: Oberer 12, Alberino 8, Brud 6, Malcic 5,
Hoffmeyer 3, Krsmanovic 3, Van Laethem, Caccavale

Opfikon Basket Old Stags - Zürich Titans BC 54:71
(7:26; 17:12; 12:20; 18:13)

Titans for the first time this season registered 12 players. Seems like the slow start lesson from Frauenfeld was learned well, and we did not allow ourselves to start slow. On contrary, Titans started with 8 unanswered points, and continued to build the advantage whole quarter long. Next to starting five by Titans, Opfikon looked kind of sleepy. Marcos alone scored 12 points and game looked like decided one.

The strong start allowed Titans to experiment in second quarter, both by letting bench players to spend more time on the court and trying the offensive schemes learned in training. Coming for a long injury Moritz rejoined the team and was the scoring leader during second quarter. Spanish guard duo Roque and Carlos also successfully led the team forwards. At the same time Old Stags woke up, gave a big figh under both baskets and reduce difference down to 14 points - still a comfortable lead by Titans.

Third quarter started by the Titans leaders. Orestes long awaited three pointers, spectacular flying Filipino Mark's raids under the basket and once again lead went up to 22 points. The only thing that didn't went as planned, was the fight for rebounds. The statistics was not kept,but the Old Stags seemed to always know which way the ball is going to rebound

The last quarter was a showdown for Opfikon's Bott, who almost managed to outscore the whole Titans teams. Nonetheless Titans finished the overall drama-less game to the confident end 71:54 for Titans.

It was the fourth game in a row against Opfikon Old Stags and the fourth in a row this season where Titans scored 70 points or more. Titans offense machine gains confidence and that is reflected in the stats. We are the est attacking team in the H4LZ.

Next game at home. Titans need one more win to be qualified for the playoff round.

Titans: Bayuelo 19, Shimamoto 15, R. Damčikas 13, Schmied 6, Panaritis 6, Stamou 4, Caballero 2, Terriente 2, Brucal 2, Kyriakidis 2, Krasauskas, Schönecker
Opfikon: Bott 15, Emmenegger 10, Mitrovic 7, Deubler 6, Wuggenig 5, A. Schweizer 4,Wolf 4, H. Schweizer 4, Ciritoglu

BC Seuzach-Stammheim - Zürich Titans BC 59:73
(17:27; 13:9; 14:14; 15:23)

Titans: Bayuelo 25, Shimamoto 12, Michel 12, Stamou 11, Schmied 7, Schönecker 4, Brucal 2, Kyriakidis, Teriente
Seuzach-Stammheim: Gelz 14, Suter 12, Gonzalez Marcano 8,
Nussbaumer 7, Müllhaupt 6, Galgano 6, De Cesaris 3, Grob 2, Schmied 1, Redondo

CVJM Basketball Frauenfeld - Zürich Titans BC 60:75
(21:12; 9:19; 18:15; 12:29)

Firstly - the final result doesn't reflect how hard it was. That was our first trip outside canton of Zürich this season. Frauenfeld team was unbeaten at home court this season and we already knew, that they are fully motivated to take a revenge for a loss earlier this year.

Right from the start Frauenfeld started with a high tempo offense, jumping to  a 9:1 lead. Nothing went well in the beginning for Titans, while Reiser and Hugentobler were ripping our defenses apart. Still Titans managed to change the flow of the game, and kept the hosts within 9 points difference in the first quarter.

It was clear, that we were not coping with our main task, to keep Frauenfeld attack leader Reiser contained. He continued strong also in the second quarter, but now he was the only player who really threatened Titans basket. Our forwards first Stamatios and Lucian, later Ioannis and Darius didn't allow much freedom for Frauenfeld to act down in the paint. At the same time Marcos and Orestes duo bombarderd with a long and middle distance attacks. At the half time break Titans claimed fragile one point lead.

After the break rested Frauenfeld increased the tempo once again, and were leading most of the quarter - this time the whole team backed up by loud home supporters performed at their best and led all quarter up to 6 points. On Titans side Lucian and Rimgaudas stepped up and prevented disaster to happen. But the most important throw of the quarter was from Stamatios whose buzzerbeater reduced the difference down to 2 points.

It worked like a knock-down, and Frauenfeld did not recovered from it in fourth quarter. The guard duo of Orestes and Marcos scored 20 points and were unstoppable and finally silenced loud home team support.

It was one of the most intense game, and although it didn't guarantee us the place in the playoffs, we can surely hope to be there for the first time in team history.

Last but not least, thanks for the fans, who followed to support us!

Titans: Bayuelo 26, Shimamoto 19, R. Damčikas 10,  Michel 7, Stamou 7, Panaritis 4, Caballero 1, Brucal, Krasauskas, Schönecker
Frauenfeld: Reiser 23, Hugentobler 10, Di Lernia 10, Lang 7, Pieeirusso 4, Galijasevic 4, Smaive 2, Hafner, Thür

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